Living Etc’s 50 staircase ideas designers use to transform homes into something extraordinary features Balance Hill.

” If you’re building or renovating a modern interior, chances are you’re working with plenty of right angles. And while clean lines have their merits, adding a sculptural element to the mix can lead to dramatic visual interest ”“ so is the case with a curving staircase in a contemporary space.”

“In the home above, the winding staircase does just that. “The sinuous form of stair provides a more sculptural element to the mostly orthogonal and clean lines of the home,” says Grant C. Kirkpatrick of KAA Design Group . In this way, the staircase’s design is almost a work of art in and of itself, one that lifts the overall mood.  “[It] can also suggest a positive vibe – an uplifting element in the home that implies movement and spirit,” adds Kirkpatrick.”

Balance Hill Photos by Richard Powers
Article on Living Etc. | Written By Keith Flanagan