With significant residential commissions both domestic and worldwide, KAA Design Group extends its Southern California roots to further advance the best aspects of the California lifestyle through architecture and landscape design.


Seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor living to deepen a homeowner's love of nature. Instead of putting windows in our walls, our walls are windows. And doors, for that matter.


Harmonizing form and scale, variety and contrast. By combining right angles with the occasional sinuous curve, which draws the eye through the space, a home becomes both restful and energizing.


Exposing the elements that support a home and form its structure communicates 'this place is real' and reminds us of the endless combinations of textures and materials found in nature.


Our senses recognize one-of-a-kind objects, architectural elements and the care that went into making them. These handmade elements in our homes ground us as they balance the equal and opposite desire for our spirits to soar.


Incorporating touches of whimsy and purposeful imperfection. The most inviting homes have an unforgettable character and offer us moments of delight and surprise, just like the people we love spending time with.


To inspire; to help us rise above the everyday. Architecture can literally and figuratively elevate us, lifting our spirits and allowing us to momentarily defy gravity.

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