The A+D Architecture and Design Museum has announced an ambitious institutional organizational realignment.

A+D Architecture + Design Museum
The A+D is a place for individuality, creativity, discovery, and continuous questioning. It is a location of serendipitous combustion resulting in endless exhibitions, events and cultural engagement bringing LA to the front line of emerging themes, topics and thoughts of the Architecture and Design community. Established in January 2001, A+D is the only museum in the country to exclusively and continuously host architecture and design exhibitions, symposia, multi-disciplinary projects, educational, and community programs.

A+D Museum’s mission to be a platform and space of engagement for our architects, designers, creatives, and audience must shift with the needs of our community. As a team we have heard the response to societal shifts and as a family we recognize the opportunity to transform ourselves in response to this place in time.

We are thrilled to evolve, to become a more dynamic expression of our mission and our supporter’s needs. By transitioning to a hybridized platform structure, we release ourselves from a solitary physical presence and embrace a more expansive presence, a long discussed goal of our Beyond Walls Strategic Planning Committee. We will continue to provide exploratory programming through digital platforms and short-term community-driven physical exhibitions and events as a means of reaching a wider, increasingly inclusive audience.

As an organization we are adopting a network format which allows us to go beyond and bring our appreciation for local makers to a global scale. Our goal is to become a more expansive Museum which adapts to the hybridized structure society is demanding today. This shift will allow the museum to focus all its resources more purely on its values beyond the limitations of a building.

This decision was made unanimously under the leadership of the Board of Directors, Beyond Walls Strategic Planning Committee, and Executive Director Anthony Morey. Mr. Morey commented, “The A+D Museum has always found its drive through experimentation and pushing boundaries while growing its audience. We see this as a perfect opportunity to take us to the next level.”

Nancy Levens, president of the board

Duan Tran, co-chair of the Beyond Walls Strategic Planning Committee

Roger Fricke, Co-Chair of the Beyond Walls Strategic Planning Committee