April 22, 2020

artworxLA 28th Anniversary Campaign + Online Auction


I’m sure you’ve heard the†Annual Evening of Art is now the†28th Anniversary Campaign + Online Auction.

We still need your support because†artworxLA is still here to support our students and our creative communities, but we have to adjust to the current times in order to do so.†artworxLA is dedicated to addressing the imbalance in educational and creative opportunities for L.A. youth, using the rich cultural resources of Los Angeles to engage students in the arts. By partnering with cultural institutions, arts colleges, and creative industry professionals, we encourage youth to stay in school, earn their high school diploma, and pursue a plan for their futures. We will continue strengthening and providing arts education programming, paid internships and scholarships to over 1,000 alternative students in 32 high schools throughout LA County, which includes providing services for justice involved youth.

And in order to continue this work, we need your help!


Maintain your sponsorship of our now 28th Anniversary Campaign
Sponsorship at any level directly supports the organization’s program offerings and operational costs.
Participate in our online auction
This is also a way to support our artists. artworxLA†will split all sales with artists 50/50.
Create a peer-to-peer fundraising challenge
Help us meet our fundraising goal by challenging others to participate.
Contribute to our 28th Anniversary Yearbook
We are taking our Annual Gala Catalogue and redesigning it as a yearbook. Letís capture all the amazing moments, events, and highlights from the year and put them in one book. Be a part of a celebration!
Become a monthly recurring donor
Any amount is a great help and very appreciated.

Visit artworxLA.com for more information about sponsorships HERE!