Todd Paolillo joined KAA in 2001 after unique residential architectural pursuits in Boston and the Northeast. His lengthy tenure at KAA has afforded Todd extensive experience with a wide range of projects and design teams. As a senior project manager, Todd works directly with the principal and clients to develop each project’s unique architectural vision and strategy for development. His passion for both thoughtful design and commitment to its execution has fostered intensive collaboration opportunities with industry professionalsTodd oversees initiatives related to KAA’s growth, mentoring, and staff development.

Todd attended the Rhode Island School of Design earning bachelor of architecture and bachelor of fine arts degrees in 1999,  and was a participant in RISD’s year-long European Honors Program based in Rome. A native “New Englander” from Connecticut, Todd has long since naturalized to Southern California, now often defending Los Angeles against exaggerations of earthquakes and smog from his East Coast counterparts - usually from a cell phone while playing beach volleyball in December.


About Us

KAA Design is a leading-edge design studio dedicated to advancing the California lifestyle through contemporary architecture. For over 25 years, we have created one-of-a-kind homes that place a premium on comfort and beauty, elevating the rituals of daily life from the mundane to the sublime.

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Our Thinking

Lifestyle, Not Style

Each of us deal in lifestyle design as inventors and consumers. As designers, we are responsible for authoring surroundings that reflect and nurture our clients' lifestyle.

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