Overlooking the expansive Pacific Coast beyond, this residence is situated on the densely populated south-end of the Manhattan Beach Strand. The family retreat serves as a social hub for a large, close-knit family and a constant flow of houseguests. The design highlights comfort, simplicity and minimalism with floating and cantilevering glass rectilinear volumes, progressively opening to the west, and anchored with solid planar elements.

A board-formed concrete wall serves as a backdrop to the patinated-braze entry door and mahogany ceiling at the main entrance.

The main entry is on the middle level of this home. The adjoining upper and lower levels are tied together around a daylit garden. The space features an artist-commissioned fountain made from a granite boulder.

Floor-to ceiling glass doors allow for the airy space to connect with the sun, sea, and horizon beyond.

Inside and outside blend effortlessly in this beach room, which can be closed off or opened completely to the elements. The pool with fountain connects the space to the horizon, even when enclosed by louvered doors that control sunlight and provide privacy from the busy boardwalk and bike path.

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3rd & The Strand


Manhattan Beach, CA



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