This design identified and made manifest the essential spirit of this special place. Developing the solution for the home took concentrated focus on the property's inherent complexities making the design process critical. What evolved from this process became a reflection of the owners as well as the context, a timeless place of personality, character and vision.

Taking inspiration from the coastal regions along both the Mediterranean and Mexican Riviera, the home gently cascades down the hillside to the beach below. Blessed with a temperate climate, abundant sunlight and breathtaking vistas, this design minimizes the barriers between the inside and the outside allowing nature to become part of the interior landscape. Outdoor rooms and terraces promote the flow of space and experience of light, view, air, etc. Many rooms have three exterior walls inviting natural sunlight and air.

The built structure and landscape features are integral with the property. It acknowledges the location, its surroundings. Features of the hillside topography and views resonate strongly in the resulting organization, character, and architectural language. We reflected on historical hillside homes throughout the world and responded by extending the house from the hillside not merely placing the home on top of it. Reacting to the shifts of the shape of the property, by adjusting walls to maximize views from different levels, and by creating outdoor terraces with connecting stairs. More discrete living spaces, intimate terraces, and exquisite surfaces and furnishings combine to create a casual, yet luxurious, coastal retreat.

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