Like the legendary Lighthouse of Alexandria - strategically located on the coast - this successful entrepreneur's home stand sentry over the Santa Monica Bay and its immediate neighborhood, acting as a powerful symbolic element within its surroundings. More importantly, as home base, it helps to keep him grounded and centered - a safe haven where he can escape his turbulent professional life, revitalize, refresh, and replenish body and soul.

The three levels of this casually sophisticated home are joined together by the centered stair volume and entry foyer. The result is a compact, yet commanding 4,500 square foot home composed of three distinct elements: two tower elements and an L-shaped interlocking component. The tower elements are carved to reveal the structural order and to create openings for view, daylight, and ventilation. This, in turn, allows for generously vaulted spaces for living and entertaining areas at the upper level, maximizing ocean views beyond the density of neighboring residences. A poured-in-place concrete wall penetrating all three levels anchors the residence, tying each level to the next with vertical circulation. And, in a structural tour de force, a self-supporting steel plate bends twenty times to form a stair spanning from floor to floor, linking the entry to the upper living area

In the dense lots of the Southern California beach towns, the living spaces often occupy the top floors to capture views of the horizon, surf, and sunsets. Here, the upper parts of the home create a distinct silhouette composed of pyramidal volumes floating above the public rooms. The teak-lined roofs on the corner towers are vaulted as clear spans without any horizontal members, creating sumptuous open spaces below. The completed home is a beacon of light standing tall in the neighborhood.

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KAA Design is a leading-edge design studio dedicated to advancing the California lifestyle through contemporary architecture. For over 25 years, we have created one-of-a-kind homes that place a premium on comfort and beauty, elevating the rituals of daily life from the mundane to the sublime.

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Each of us deal in lifestyle design as inventors and consumers. As designers, we are responsible for authoring surroundings that reflect and nurture our clients' lifestyle.

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