A rare lot-and-a-half property right on the Hermosa Beach Strand was the canvas for this new property. However, instead of asking us to maximize their new home’s square footage, the owners' saw the extra land as an opportunity to have coveted private outdoor space right on the beach. We were more than delighted to design a house that wrapped around an interior garden. This allowed the ground floor rooms to have a sense of openness that is normally found on much larger estate properties. It also allowed the Pacific Ocean to have a strong presence throughout - as beach views could be borrowed from adjacent spaces.

In contrast to the owners’ interior-focused living experience in London, this residence exuberantly opens up to sky, beach and the Strand. The transparent main floor allows the owners to feel part of the vibrant beach community life that constantly passes by. The openness of the main floor and the liberal use of glass on the building gave the project a contemporary flavor in the early design stages. The owners delighted in this direction, which they saw as yet another welcome departure from the character of their life in Europe. A material palette of metal windows and light-colored plaster is kept warm and earthy by introducing the right amount of deep colored teak siding. As with all good modern architecture, the building’s details are meticulously studied for proportion and alignments to give the house clean lines, a refined presence and sculptural simplicity.

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