Tower Grove Drive

Situated on a hillside property on a southern flank of the Santa Monica Mountains, Tower Grove rises high above to capture breathtaking and privileged views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

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Balance Hill

The architectural language of Balance Hill is an extraction of the building's relationship to the site and its views. Situated on a dramatic hillside terrace, high above the LA basin, the house's architecture expresses anchoring, bridging, and progressive transparency as it emerges from the hill and reaches out to claim stunning scenery.

Balboa Avenue

Designed for a professional athlete and his young growing family, the Balboa Avenue Residence embodies the essence of the casual Southern California lifestyle. The home is centered around an expansive Great Room which is bound by retractable 12-foot tall floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door systems.

3rd Street & The Strand Residence

This relaxed yet strong family retreat, built to withstand "a herd of elephants," will serve as a headquarters for a large, close-knit family and a constant flow of friends. Lively and comfortable, this beach oasis is designed for nurturing memories and celebrating of life.

Trophy Hills

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, a city renowned for its ever changing skyline and over the top themed attractions, the Trophy Hills Residence was born out of a very different point of view - simplicity, sophistication, material integrity, and timelessness.

Beverly Hills Residence

An expansive modern enclave in the heart of Beverly Hills, this house is composed as a harmonic integration of surface, space, light and vista.

Monaco Gym and Spa

This unique architectural challenge started with the cavernous underside of a hillside tennis court. Constructed entirely independent of the existing concrete structure, the new spa houses workout facilities, olympic lap pool, steam room, spa baths and lounge.

34th and The Strand

This Southern California oasis is a harmonious blend between a lively tropical resort and a rejuvenating South Pacific retreat.  It is a vessel for living, crafted with nautical precision, where crisp forms coalesce with a translucent, ever-changing skin and soft, flowing elements.

Landscape Design

At KAA Design Group, we approach our new projects by looking at the property as a canvas. A house and its gardens are not viewed as discrete elements, but rather as an integrated and seamless melding of indoor and outdoor spaces, places, and vistas.

San Remo Drive

The home is a blend of California Modernism and more traditional Spanish Colonial with its wide swathes of cool white plaster. Rather than be bound to any particular lexicon, the team built from these traditions, and from the client’s fascination with Asian design, a fresh language that could bring the continuity to the influences.

18th Walkstreet III

Life on the walkstreets of Manhattan Beach focuses on a variety of compelling desires: to take maximum advantage of the stunning ocean views to the west, to have fluid access to the nearby surf, and to accommodate comfortable outdoor living and entertaining.

6th Street

Celebrating the past, grounded in the present, and anticipating the future, this home is confident and personable - exuding a composed, masculine structure that is balanced by nurturing, feminine layers. 

3rd Street

Located high in the "hill section" of Manhattan Beach, this substantial property allowed the opportunity to create the ultimate playground for family and friends. Central to this goal was the desire for seamless indoor/outdoor living.

31st Street

Inspiration came from two of California's more important architectural traditions - European Modernism adapted to suit Southern California's cultural climate and Mediterranean influences dating back at least to the beginnings of the rancho lands underlying this area's beach communities.

Longfellow Drive

The modern rustic sensibility encourages flow and provides multiple transitional spaces between indoor and outdoor.  Materials were chosen to promote the the natural setting and timeless character and include colored board-formed concrete walls, board and batten painted wood siding, standing-seam zinc roofing, and indigenous trees and landscaping. 

Emerald Bay

There's a spirit that resides in a particular place. This design identified and made manifest the essential spirit of this special place. Developing the solution for the home took concentrated focus on the property's inherent complexities making the design process as critical as the final product.

32nd and The Strand

An extremely bright, detail-oriented, real-life rocket scientist, faced the prospect of both early retirement and the chance to build his coastal dream home.  The approach to the new home was similar to the way the owner would decipher a scientific problem, diligently testing, working through, and solving different possibilities.

18th Walkstreet

This three-story, walkstreet beach home for a family with an extensive collection of modern art represents an evolution of KAA's exploration of California Modernism.

23rd and The Strand

In contrast to the owners’ interior-focused life in London, this residence exuberantly opens up to sky, beach and the Strand. The transparent main floor allows the owners to feel part of the vibrant beach community life that constantly passes by.

4th Walkstreet

Blessed with an endless stretch of white sandy beachfront as its stunning backdrop, the home takes much of its inspiration from Southeast Asia.

7th Walkstreet

Drawing influence from the Balinese lifestyle, this home utilizes vertical living to achieve and maintain a strong visual connection to the surrounding land. The use of natural, yet highly crafted materials, and controlled light also speaks to a tropical vernacular.

Split Rock Ranch

For a young family who sought such a weekend retreat, the remote location of this 30-acre lakeside ranch property became dream come true. Purchased in 2005, KAA Design began to master plan the property for homesteads, a vineyard, a barn structure, boathouse, and several other amenities.

24th Walkstreet

Like the legendary Lighthouse of Alexandria - strategically located on the coast - this successful entrepreneur's home stand sentry over the Santa Monica Bay and its immediate neighborhood, acting as a powerful symbolic element within its surroundings.

Monterey Boulevard

Inspiration was close at hand for the design team. The local lifeguard station has become a symbol of the Southern California lifestyle.

The Rusa Collection for DWR

Beauty and craft are the essential elements of anything that stands the test of time. Debuting as part of Design With Reach's Spring 2011 product introductions, the Rusa Collection of outdoor furnishings is simple, purposeful and crafted with an ecological mindset.

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KAA Design is a leading-edge design studio dedicated to advancing the California lifestyle through contemporary architecture. For over 25 years, we have created one-of-a-kind homes that place a premium on comfort and beauty, elevating the rituals of daily life from the mundane to the sublime.

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